The truth about reclaiming your fertility. . . even when you’ve tried everything and failed. . . and what they don’t want you to know!

Experts agree: This is the most effective path to pregnancy. It’s the fastest way for couples to have children — without surgery or fertility drugs — even when it seems impossible. Whether you’re a man struggling to be a father… or a woman struggling to be a mother… read this short message carefully, and you’ll know exactly how to conceive within the next three months — guaranteed.

Fact: Male infertility is directly responsible for 40% of all infertility issues. It also contributes to an additional 20%. That means 6 out of 10 couples are unable to conceive because of the male.

Think about that for a minute. The vast majority of pregnancy problems stem from male infertility. Yet most women assume it’s their fault! Nothing can be further from the truth.

This misconception has led to a booming industry for female infertility cures. Assisted reproductive technology (such as IVF) and fertility drugs (such as clomid) are just two examples.

IVF imageHowever, the unspoken secret of the industry is that by fixing male infertility, you fix 40-60% of all pregnancy problems!

Chances are YOU fit into that 80% pool. Not only is treatment invasive and expensive, it is NOT even close to guaranteed.

Fact: In vitro fertilization (IVF) fails some 80% of the time. That means that most women try it more than once… at a price tag of $10,000+ each.

Then why is it recommended so often? Because it always has been. It’s a familiar solution that everybody knows, and even the medical establishment isn’t exempt from tradition. Sometimes, though, tradition blocks us from the right solution.

Fact: It takes, on average, 12 years for the latest fertility information to reach your doctor’s office.  Most fertility clinics are still using ideas from the early 2000’s.

Why? Big companies invest BILLIONS to develop fertility drugs and ART based on yesterday’s research. That means they have a billion reasons to keep things exactly the way they are.

And what happens when a better, faster, cheaper solution comes along? Let’s just say that most people won’t be hearing about it. It isn’t buried, but it isn’t promoted either. And this leads to a frustrating situation…

Instead of the solution being fit to the couple, the couple is fit to the solution.

When you’re struggling to conceive, you don’t get the answer that’s right for you. You get the answer that’s parroted to every other couple, even if that answer isn’t the best one.

And many times, the answer doesn’t work at all.

How could it? Think about it: Male infertility leads to 40-60% of all pregnancy problems, yet female infertility is given as the common answer. Assisted reproductive technology is inefficient and expensive, yet it’s given as the common answer. And there are 100% natural ways to bolster fertility — tested and proven — yet fertility drugs are given as the common answer.

Maybe you’ve tried the common answers and found no success. Maybe you know the frustration of wanting a child desperately…yet being buffeted over and over… and feeling that maybe it’ll never happen… maybe it’s just too late.

I know what that feels like. I felt the same way, before my pregnancy. But then I found an uncommon answer… a solution I used to have a healthy and natural pregnancy at age 41… and now I want to share that solution with you.

We Found a Solution That Improved Significantly Male Sperm Count, Concentration, and Motility

As you probably know, low sperm count and low sperm motility are critical factors for male infertility.

A man's sperm count is considered lower than normal if it contains fewer than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Low sperm count decreases the probability that one of a man's sperm will fertilize a woman's egg. Low sperm motility relates to lower ability of sperm to "swim" properly in order to reach and fertilize the egg.

Many couples who purchased and applied consistently the solution we suggest to you - have been able to dramatically improve the man's sperm count and sperm motility.

Here's the example of one of our customers who improved significantly their sperm count, concentration and motility. Please compare the first spermogram (entitled "Before") - where the sperm parameters were much below the medical thresholds - as highlighted by the black triangles. Then notice the dramatic improvement that took place in the same parameters - in a little over 3 months - in the second spermogram (entitled "After").



Introducing: "Natural Solutions To Male Infertility"

The First Guaranteed Path to Parenthood... That Works Even When Artificial Reproductive Technology and Fertility Drugs Fail!

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Natural Solutions to Male Infertility

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This is the culmination of my team’s medical research. It contains specific techniques used by couples, just like yours, to have happy and healthy babies. It requires no drugs and no surgery, and it’s been proven effective even when nothing else works.

This program is for those that are struggling to conceive. It’s for those that want to avoid the expense of ART and the side effects of fertility drugs. It’s for those that feel, deep down, a surging desire to be a father or mother.

The Program Reveals...

  • The hidden dangers of IVF and ICSI (page 4)
  • 8 easy tests to find (and then fix) male infertility problems (page 12)
  • This strange mineral is deficient in most men… yet it's most important for childbirth! (page 14)
  • Eat this today to increase sperm counts by 140% (page 18)
  • 7 foods that bring your body back to base and erase acidosis (page 19)
  • How to amplify your natural fertility and detoxify your body (page 20)
  • Two techniques that flood your body with pregnancy-nurturing vitamins and minerals… without needing to choke on fistfuls of pills (page 22)
  • Avoid these things if you want to have a baby… they KILL your fertility (page 24)
  • Did you know ________ and _________ boost libido and sex hormones? Here’s how to get more than enough of each (page 28)
  • What to do three months before trying to conceive to increase your chances of success (page 32)
  • Warning: Certain popular foods contain derivatives of coal tar! Avoid these ingredients if you want to have a child (page 35)
  • The #1 source of sperm-deforming radiation… and it isn’t what you’d think (page 36)
  • Ancient secrets from the Orient that are now being recognized and applied in the West (page 40)
  • One common cause of “blockage” and how to remedy it (page 42)
  • More effective than IVF and IUI? The step-by-step guide to extremely fast conceptions (page 49)
  • And much more…

About the Author

Dear Parents-to-be,

Six years ago, my husband and I decided we wanted a baby. I was sure I would be pregnant soon, but month after month my hope was sinking…Two years later and with the heart-breaking diagnosis “sterile” – our couple went to see the best fertility specialists in three countries (first in Switzerland where we live, then in USA and Russia). All of them insisted that we do an IVF asap. My husband’s fertility was the main issue, however my fertility status was not the best either…

One day I made the decision that I was going to learn EVERYTHING so that my husband and I could restore our fertility in a NATURAL WAY. It took me two years of extensive research, reading and investigating, both myself and together with other specialists in the area, some of which have meanwhile become permanent members of our research team.

When I felt we knew enough to boost our chances, my husband and I started applying our own program, knowing that it would take at least three – three and a half months for his sperm to improve to the necessary levels. Destiny was even more generous – two and a half months later I was pregnant!!

Since then our program has helped thousands of couples, and all of them tell us that it has a phenomenal impact on their fertility (and overall wellbeing, as it is so natural), acts so fast, and is so easy to apply. I keep refining and improving it over time, so that it is up to date with the latest findings in that field.

That is why I’d like to help you boost your fertility too. I know that I can help you conceive the little baby boy or girl you’ve always wanted, and I encourage you to get started TODAY!

To you healthy and happy children,

Ariana Glow and Nicolas Devalge (Co-Author and Fertility Specialist)

Here’s What You’re Getting Today

Natural Solutions to Male Infertility is an all-natural fertility program. Nothing like this has existed before. These techniques blend Asiatic medicine, nutrition, detox with the latest advances in fertility research, to dramatically increase your chances of conception.

And despite the name, the program is meant for couples. It solves a specific problem: How to have a healthy baby when lovemaking alone isn’t enough.

The program is delivered as a PDF document. Inside the document, you’ll find the crystallized results from years of medical research, presented as a step-by-step guide.

First, we cover the most common infertility myths. You’ll discover the truth about infertility causes and cures, while avoiding wasted time and money.

Second, we rejuvenate your fertility, even if you’ve been diagnosed sterile. We reveal unique nutrition and detox secrets that maximize your chances to conceive. These are ideas plucked from leading medical minds, and presented as action items.

Third, we cover a complete “no guesswork involved” road map to go from where you are now… to the expectant parent you want to be.

In short, you get absolutely everything you need to have a healthy baby fast — many customers report pregnancy within 3 months. This guide is safer and cheaper than ART or fertility drugs. And best of all, it even fixes certain “incurable” physical issues!

I Know Exactly Where You Are Right Now

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t realize how stressful life had become. I didn’t know how much trying (and failing) to conceive was taking out of me, how much it meant.

And I didn’t know the strain it was putting on my relationship. I didn’t notice the cracks forming just below the surface. When you try so hard to make a child together… and it isn’t working out… something goes out of the relationship. Something delicate and important and vital.

You find yourself growing less intimate. Less connected. Sex changes from a celebration into a chore. Long nights are spent staring at the ceiling. And you might fester on an ugly question: “What’s wrong with me?”

I’ve been through that emotional roller coaster. I know how it feels. And I want to tell you: Everything changes when you see those two blue lines. Everything changes once you conceive.

For me, I finally felt “complete” as a woman. My anxiety and stress melted away. Life felt right, for the first time in a long time. And my husband and I found a deeper intimacy through my pregnancy.

Life Never Felt So Easy… So Natural…

Deep down, you know that you’re looking for the same thing. Having a child was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love being a parent and I know you will too.

And I wouldn’t be sharing how wonderful it is if I didn’t believe that parenthood is within your grasp. Natural Solutions to Male Infertility can make your dream a reality.

Right now, you’re probably thinking… how much does it cost? Am I asking you to get a second mortgage so you can get this guide? Well, I can say that the most effective fertility programs cost a minimum of $500. And people pay it because they get results.

If I asked $500 for this program, would you hesitate? Think about it. You want to have a child. You want one more than anything in the world. And this guide is a shortcut that works even when all else fails… even when it seems impossible. You know that with a guide like this your struggles are over.

Before I became a mother, would I have paid $500 for this guide? YES! Without batting an eye. Why? Because what you’re getting today is priceless… a proven way to have your own baby… specifically for those struggling to conceive… and it’s safer than fertility drugs and cheaper than surgery.

How much is that really worth? To me, that’s worth much more than $500. I would pay $500 ten times over, if it meant having a healthy child.

But you won’t be paying $500 for this guide. You won’t even be paying $250. Nor will you be paying $125.

Get the Natural Solutions to Male Infertility guide now, and your investment is only $36.95. That’s it. That’s all you invest to open the door for a baby to enter your life.

Natural Solutions to Male Infertility

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Have Doubts? Here’s How To ProveThis Guide Works… With ZERO Risk!

100% Hassle-Free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Natural Solutions to Male Infertility today and use it for three months. If you or your man isn’t fertile enough to sire by month three, or if you’re in any way unsatisfied with the materials, just shoot me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase.

No hassles and no questions asked.

Remember: Some 40-60% of all pregnancy problems can be traced back to male infertility. Fix that problem and your chances of conceiving skyrocket.

I have no problem making such a bold guarantee because I know this guide works. It’s responsible for dozens of “miracle babies” that I know of and, more than likely, many more that I don’t. I know it’ll work for you too!

Eleven Months From Now…


You’ll be a soon-to-be parent… feeling a new intimacy growing between you and your lover… basking in the radiance of a brighter future. You’ll look back at the long and hard journey, and you’ll remember the moment that everything changed. This is that moment.

Don’t let this moment slip away. Get Natural Solutions to Male Infertility today and make your dream of parenthood a reality. It all starts right now!


- Ariana, Proud Mother & Researcher, and Nicolas, Co-Author & Fertility Specialist

P.S. — This guide has helped couples late in their 40s have children. But the hard truth is this: With every passing day, it gets harder to conceive. That’s why you mustn’t hesitate. Get Natural Solutions to Male Infertility and begin the process now, while there’s still time!

The personal stories:

Tracey and baby“Hi, I owe you a big THANK YOU, as you literally made my life ! My name is Tracey, my husband and I live in Boston, and I don’t even want to share with you the traumatic experience I went through after two unsuccesful IVFs…We still wanted to have kids, but I couldn’t imagine doing yet another IVF…They pump you with hormones, I felt really terrible, put lots of weight, which I couldn’t get rid of afterwards, etc etc… We started looking for other possibilities, if any existed, and we came across your solution. God bless you – you have done such fantastic research and gathered so many important things about boosting fertility that this guide alone was worth all the money we have wasted into IVFs and other pregnancy-related stuff… We now have a one-year old, and will start working on a second one soon ! Thank you once again”

Tracey and Frank, Boston, USA

Anne and girl“Two painful years… That’s what it took us to realize that we have a fertility issue in our couple that could be resolved either by a donor sperm, or hopefully (but chances were low) by an ICSI, a version of IVF. My husband’s sperm count was so bad, that doctors were not giving us much hope. Then a friend of mine mentioned that she has seen a website where there was a great solution for boosting male sperm count. We ordered the materials and started following all recommendations – and two and a half months later my husbands sperm counts went way up! I couldn’t believe my eyes when reading his results, and neither could the doctor. Now I am pregnant and expecting a baby girl in January! Thank you so much!”

Anne, San Diego, USA

Diana baby“I am so grateful for the amazing knowledge that you gave us. We were unable to have kids for more than a year and a half, and your materials helped me  get pregnant literally in couple of months! My boyfriend said it takes two months for the spermatogenesis (improving the sperm count results), but after all that time I was ready to wait even more, but three and a half months down the road I was pregnant! And my boyfriend sperm count and sexual drive went way up . Huge thank you, now we have a baby boy.”

Diana, Manchester, UK

“It all started with a colleague of mine who told me that her sister got pregnant after reading a material from some website. We have been diagnosed as infertile, due to my husbands sperm count, that had severely low numbers… My colleague said in the case of her sister the problem was also related to the husband’t infertility. So she gave me your website, we got the Exclusive Solution and told our doctor we are starting this. I was unpleasantly surprised when he said he didn’t encourage us to go that way, as not much hard data existed for improving male sperm counts, so he said we better do an IVF. Well, we ignored his opinion, and we decided to try this method. Six months later – I was pregnant! My husband’s sperm counts are great ever since…”

Tina, Minneapolis, USA

“I am writing to thank you from France. Now I am a mother of a one year old girl, and it is really you who helped our couple have the kid. We tried all kind of treatments before  -artificial insemination, IVF, and nothing worked fr us unfortunately. I spent five years of my life in hopes and desperation, so you can imagine how happy I am now when I look at my little girl. Your materials are fantastic, I have recommended them to all my friends who have hard time getting pregnant and it worked so well for all of them…Thank you very much and keep up the good work!”

Marie, Paris, France

“I am an Indian textile industry businessman (so hope you will understand why I am not disclosing my name) doing business with pretty much all western markets. My wife had hard time getting pregnant during three years. I became really frustrated and I started thinking that we better go abroad and do an in-vitro in a good hospital somewhere in Europe or US. Then a US business partner mentioned that they had issues with that too, and that there was a great material that helped them (they have two kids now) – he gave me the website address and we started our own “treatment”. We have the sweetest baby girl now, and I would like to thank you for helping us with such an important thing in our life!”

Anonimous, Delhi, India